Photo by Lucy Lou

Why Japan?

There are few people left in the world who are not in some way affected by the ideas, culture and economy of Japan. Yet Japan remains an enigma for many. Westernized, but not — Western, Asian, but in many ways different from other Asian countries, Japan is unique.

Culture and Performing Arts Program

Japanese art has embodied the deepest values of Japanese civilization for thousands of years. Few cultures have cared more deeply or longer about beauty and ideas about it. Though, maybe because nature is so highly regarded, there is a general distrust of words. Experience, sensing and seeing, is vital. We hope to bring you some of the greatest experiences of Japanese art available today.

Our initial programming efforts will concentrate on Classical Japanese dance, Nihon Buyo. Through Lecture/Demonstrations and Dance Performances, we hope to bring you closer to an appreciation of this traditional art with a continuous performance history of over 400 years.

Nihon Buyo is a genre of Japanese Theater, closely allied to Kabuki dance forms from which it developed. Kabuki, a type of traditional popular Japanese drama, evolved from the older Noh Theater, Shinto and Buddhist ritual performance and folk dance.