Why China?

China is one of the most influential ancient civilizations in the world. It is the source of Confucianism, Daoism, and other important philosophical systems, plus technological and scientific contributions like paper, the compass, silk, printing, gunpowder.

China is now also the fastest-growing economical power in the world, with the largest potential market of over a billion people. With China's important role in world economy, it is mutually beneficial for people in China and people in the West to gain an understanding and appreciation for the culture of each other.

Education Program

Most middle and high schools in China teach English as a foreign language, while more and more schools in the US offer Chinese language program. We in language teaching field know very well that culture is a key factor in the learning and using the target language. WE-Contact helps to bridge the students in both countries to obtain actual experience in the target culture by bringing them to the country where the target language is spoken and where the target culture is.

Culture & Arts Programs

China celebrates a diverse nation with fifty-six ethnic groups with their shared as well as distinct arts and cultures. These have contributed to the world tremendously rich treasures. WE-Contact feels passionate about introducing, showing and sharing these cultural treasures with people in the US and the rest of the world.

Chinese arts and culture are also rich and diverse. China is the birthplace of numerous art forms and cultural icons, such as brush painting scrolls and Chinese characters. Many cultural festivities now being celebrated in many countries originated in China, eg. Dragon Boat Festival and the Lunar New Year.

We are especially passionate about taking people onto paths less traveled, where the most fascinating art and cultural treasures are stored, the intangible cultural heritage of Chinese folk art.

We are experienced in inviting Chinese artists to come to US for art and cultural exchange programs. The latest was a group of Chinese New Year print artists from Beijing Chinese New Year Prints Museum. to the Boston area, tens of thousands of adults and children were amazed by these wonderful examples of their beautiful traditional art. These special exchange programs greatly enrich Chinese culture and language educational programs in America.

With our expertise in education, cultural programs and exchanges and museum exhibitions, we are prepared to provide the following: